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Build Greater Trust

Our goal is to help advisors and the financial industry build more trust with their clients. Often, clients face financial uncertainty when looking towards their retirement. By building a simplified financial planning tool, we provide advisors the means to effectively show a client how they can plan for their future. Having greater client engagement will not only build better results, it will also build better relationships.

Save More Time

For the average Canadian, they probably don’t need or want to review a complicated financial document. How long does it take to build a financial plan? An hour? A couple of hours? Maybe even more? We’ve designed our planning tool so advisors can build a meaningful financial plan in under a half hour, and that includes taking the time to enjoy your coffee. Even though our plan can be built quickly, better results are achieved by being effective, not complicated.

Increase Profitability

There are quite a few planning tools out there ranging in price from around fifty dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a year. Here’s how we’re looking to help an advisor:

  • Full version of software available for a 30 day trial period
  • After trial period, subscription can continue at $25.00 a month
  • Use our financial plan to strengthen client relationships
  • Our planning tools can help create new opportunities

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